Senstasticalisousriffic (corrosivetears) wrote in corsetry,

size 22 under busts and 24 underbust and over bust corsets

Several different styles, sizes and types! $40-50 each!! See under the cut!

None of these have been worn, BUT I do have 2 white fluffy cats, they are shedding horribly so some fur may get on the corsets. I try to keep fur away but its impossible right now. I have more detailed photos of each, Im selling these cheap to get rid of them, I have entirely too many corsets. Prices dont include shipping. Please email me DariaGrippo you-kno-the symbol!

22" underbusts $40
 photo IMG_20140612_142514702_HDR.jpg
24" underbusts $40 each

 photo IMG_20140612_134848058_HDR.jpg

Size 22"  overbusts $50

 photo IMG_20140612_144127522_HDR.jpg

Size 24" overbusts $50
 photo IMG_20140612_144242536.jpg

 photo IMG_20140612_144142861.jpg

 photo IMG_20140612_144154937_HDR.jpg
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