sthenosometimes (sthenosometimes) wrote in corsetry,

Hello, new here. Selling two 36" corsets too big for me now!

Hello all, glad to have begun my waist training journey over the last few months. I have lost a bit of weight though and my size 36" corsets do not fit anymore.

They're both the same style corset (orchard corset CS-426), one is gorgeous blue and gold brocade and one is beige cotton.
There aren't any blemishes and the brocade corset came with a tiny snag near the busk at the top but I don't know how to repair it myself. I seasoned them but only wore each of them maybe 7-8 times each and now they are too big! I have replaced them with a waspie and another CS-426 but I'd like to get them to good homes and pay some bills.

I'd like to sell them for $60 each.

Shipping will be on me in the USA but will be $20 anywhere else ($30 for both). I will send in a priority mail envelope, padded. I have stored them rolled up but they might have a few cat hairs on them. I will try to clean them up before I send them, though. I am a BPAL forumite/swapper/seller and I have a TON of ebay feedback, 100% positive, so if you need some feedback on me, let me know!


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