standgale (standgale) wrote in corsetry,

Waist Cincher vs Underbust

I was wondering if there was a difference between an underbust corset and a waist cincher, or are they just different terms for the same thing? I was thinking a waist cincher might be smaller, in terms of vertical length I mean. Narrower.

And from this, sort of, came the thought, how small (narrow) can a corset be? Like, could you make one similar to a (very) wide belt in size? Would it be comfortable and would it work? Does anyone have any examples? In a class I am doing, we have to design some kind of fashion accessory. A corset is almost an accessory now-a-days, but also a garment, so I don't think it would count at all. But I was wondering how much you could combine a corset and a belt, thus leading to this second set of questions.
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