February 5th, 2008

A place to come together

Myself and a few others have ordered corsets from L Escarpolette and have had a lot of problems. 
A few of you may remember months ago, I wrote to this community explaining that she would not respond to me, so here is my story.
I ordered an overbust corset and paid in full $450 on Feb. 13, 2007.  I recieved both of my mockups and thing went well for the first few months.  Then Joyce would stop responding to my emails.  She would sign on to Myspace and her Etsy shop everyday, but would not respond to my emails.  Someone from this community wrote to her for me, and Joyce responded to that lady within hours, yet still NEVER responded to me.  After the lady wrote Joyce, I wrote 1 week later and told her I would file a paypal dispute if she didn't respond to me.  She finally responded with an arrogant email.  This email was received after 3 months of attempting to write her more than once a week.  I've tried adding her as a friend of Myspace and Livejournal, so I can also write her there, but she won't add me.  I've written to her also from her website.  I finally asked for my money back, since all the events I wanted to wear the corset to has past and I no longer wear the same size.  She is back to not responding to any of my emails.   Basically I feel like I am out of $450 and since I know I am not alone in this (I know of multiple other people going through the exact same thing) I wanted to warn others of what is going on.
If anyone wants to come forward and talk about an experience they are going through or can in any way help those of us, please come forward.