maximus1982 (maximus1982) wrote in corsetry,

S-curve silhouette corset

Greetings to everybody!
I wanna share some pics of a corset I'm working on now.
S-bent corset
Some characteristics:
Bust 86 cm (34 in.), Waist 54 cm (21. in.), Upper hips 94 cm (37 in.), Lower hips 100 cm (39.5 in.)
1 layer - no lining, 10 pattern pieces per side (not including central back and central front interfacing), regular 6 studs busk, 34 bones - spirals and flats of different width, flossing
Self-made pattern (I'm proud to note), hand-made dress-form I was trying my best to make it look as much authentic and dramatic as possible.
Not finished yet, at the moment I'm looking for a lace that would be suitable to create a complete historical look
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