costumenut (costumenut) wrote in corsetry,

Underbust Corset Prototype Complete!

The prototypes are taking me a little longer, and it's also taking me longer to get the cash to get all my materials I need to launch my corset line, but I finished the underbust corset prototype and I am pleased!

Upon trying this on, I found it to be extremely comfortable.  I could have worn it all day at a con or festival and not felt "pinched" at all.  I chose to lace towards the waist and tucked the lacing behind the Xs.  This model has twelve 1/2" bones and a center front busk.  I was able to easily get a 2" reduction.  Top is cotton backed with coutil, and while I didn't line this version, I would line the ones I sell in cotton as well.  It is finished with bias tape made from the top fabric.

Here's a back view!

So, question for all of you!  What price range would you pay for a custom underbust corset in cotton?  I'm still debating pricing.

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