Nothing? Nothing Tralala?! (malkavian6) wrote in corsetry,
Nothing? Nothing Tralala?!

Corset Making Supplies for sale

I apologize if this is not an acceptable post.

I have some corset making supplies that I wish to get rid of.
(The busks are not flimsy, they are rather ridged)

(1) 25 yard bundle of 1/4" spiral steel boning $20 obo
(2) 50 yard bundles of 1/4" spiral steel boning $40 obo (each)
10 yards approx of 1/4" spring steel boning $10 obo
19 busks 14" two bottom clasps closer together $12 obo (each)
9 busks 12' two bottom clasps closer together $10 obo
1 full spool of corset lacing (black) $25 obo
1 full roll of black casing 1/2 inch wide (black) $35 obo
1 gross = 4oz of 1/4" bone tips $15 obo


Please email me at malkavian6[at]gmail[dot]com
I do not want to split up the full rolls (laces and bone casing)... Will consider splitting up the spiral steel if necessary.
Please send me a message and we can work out a deal that works for both of us. Let me know your Postal Code / Zip Code and I can give you a shipping quote.

Thank you for looking :)

Corset Making Supplies
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December 30 2013, 19:04:59 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  December 30 2013, 19:14:05 UTC

I'm very interested in several of the supplies and will be emailing you right away