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32" Gallery Serpentine pvc corset

Hi everyone, I haven't been on LJ in forever, and this was the first place I could think of to try and rehome my old Gallery Serpentine corset. I originally bought it through a member of this community years ago (maybe back in 2006-07). I can't find this style on their site anymore, so I'm guessing it's been discontinued for a while. It's an overbust with straps and a modesty panel and lacing in front. It's made of PVC with a silver circuit board type print (I think the old name was dead tech) and it has some spots of wear/damage (I included a shot of the most obvious spot... it's between my fingers). I love this piece but I don't wear corsets much these days and I've shrunk out of it. I included a shot of me in it today to show the basic shape. It's a 32 inch waist, the back measures 13.5 inches long, and the front 14.5. I'm currently in a 36D bra and find there's a little room in the bust. I used to be a 38C-D when I first got it. There's definitely room for adjustment because of the dual lacing. I'm looking for $75 + shipping, OBO.

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