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Enlisting help

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I am a regular listener to the radio station MyTalk1071 (www.MyTalk1071.com), which is essentially a radio station focused on popular culture and other topics related to women. It is located in the Minneapolis part of Minnesota, but streams its radio shows online as well as through podcasts for anyone who is interested. (I am not from Minnesota--I began listening when my favorite singer began appearing on some of the radio segments, and I enjoyed listening enough to continue to do so even when she is not on the air.)

This morning, one of the radio hosts brought up the topic of Kim Kardashian and corsetry. Specifically, waist training. Unfortunately, it was clear that neither he nor either of his co-hosts had done any real research on the topic, so the segment essentially became why corsets are horrible for women and how horrible it was for females to want to fit into tight dresses.

As upsetting as it was to hear this discussion, it's also not exactly surprising, since most people who do know what a corset is pretty much associate it as an unhealthy practice long since eradicated when females became independent of the male tyranny (some sarcasm intended).

Having listened to this radio show for several months, I believe that the hosts were meant well but were acting ignorantly, since it probably did not occur to them to do research on the topic before speaking about it. However, I think that we can use this as an opportunity to engage with them and, perhaps, even enlighten them. My dream would be for them to interview someone on the radio who actually practices waist training, so that both they and the listeners can hear the other side of the story, but I do not think they would be open enough to do so.

What I would like is for you to contact the show and politely explain where he (and many others) were in error. I wrote in earlier, but as I have never actually worn a corset, my information was purely theoretical. We certainly do not want to come across as bothersome or harassing, but, at the same time, I think the radio show hosts should hear the other sides to the art of corsetry.

The segment itself is rather short, so I would suggest listening to it before you send an email.

Go to the main website: www.Mytalk1071.com
Click on shows...that is the first show--Jason and Alexis.
Once you see the main page, click on the link to the right where it says the show "Jason and Alexis on demand".
Scroll down until you see the Friday show (October 31st), hour 2.
To email the show, follow the above instructions, but click on the link that says "email the show". Be aware that you must select the correct show--otherwise, the wrong people will get your email.

Here is the url to the "on demand" show page:

If you choose to participate, please let me know here or by sending me an email. My email address is my LJ ID at yahoo.com.

Thank you!
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