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This is for true corset lovers everywhere. You won't find any plastic boning here!

This community almost runs itself. sylviamaris and I take care of problems using our own discretion. We will banhammer you in a heartbeat if we see fit. Don't do things you wouldn't do to your own LJ, or your mother's. Got it? Good. Now, if you have issues with a specific post, forward a link to the post to me at the given email address. The secondary mod is sylviamaris, at sylviamaris @ gmail.com, and is pleased to answer almost all your questions.

When emailing, use the subject line "Livejournal Corsetry Community Question." We can't guarantee we won't think it is spam otherwise.

Things we consider "rude":
1. Attacks on other members of this community will not to be tolerated. You are free to disagree, but your responses and posts should always be polite, calm, and useful. If caught, you will be warned one time. If you proceed to attack, you will be banned. There is a huge difference between what you say and how you say it. We always have new members and they cannot be expected to know all the intricacies of corsetry. Feel free to educate them, but never in a hostile way.

2. No spamming. Spamming results in the post being deleted, the account immediately being banned and the whole reported to LJAbuse. This includes posts advertising other comms, sales of non-corset related items, and a myriad of other things.

3. No nudity, sexual content, or other NSFW type comments or posts without warnings and LJ-cuts. Breaking this rule will cause your post to be deleted, and one warning. Break it twice, banned.

4. Sales of corsets are allowed. See below for further details on how to properly format your post. If the post breaks these guidelines, it will be deleted. It can be reposted, as long as it follows the guidelines.

5. Flouncy good-bye posts will be ignored and/or mocked, and membership and posting status removed. Banning may only result if the person has been a troublemaker beforehand.

6. Comments will be frozen quicker than you can blink if things get out of hand. Comment deletion is frowned upon.

  • Reiteration: Sale posts ARE allowed.
But please follow these guidelines, or I will delete it. Repeat offenders will be banned.

sylviamaris here: I don't personally care what you're selling, but guideline one stands: 1. The sale must be of a corset. (I will overlook corset-matching garments, as long as the corset they match is the first item listed.)
2. EVERYTHING MUST BE BEHIND A CUT. This is not negotiable. The LJ-cut or subject line must label itself a sales post. All commentary on your sale, your company, your craftspersonship, or your low low prices must be behind the cut.
4. Only one post per sale. The exception being, if it doesn't sell the first time, you can drastically lower the price and try again. And by "drastically" I mean 25% or more.

This is a link to all the corsetiers we could think of. If you would like to add someone or make a correction or suggestion, please comment there.

If you also make corsets, or are just thinking about it, check out our spawnling corsetmakers.

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